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Insight Political Group LLC Plans a Campaign to Save Lives

Insight Political Group LLC Plans a Campaign to Save Lives
A planned March forum will engage leaders to help Safe America ‘do more good’ and raise donations

Thanks to an agreement with senior consultant, Johnny Barrett, Safe America is launching a new campaign in January to raise over $500,000 to save lives. Mr. Barrett, who’s managed a team of fundraisers who raised over $3 million this year, plans to involve his team and engage Safe America Board of Directors and volunteers to help grow donations – both for Safe Ameria and the WorldSafe Institute.

CEO Len Pagano also thanked Johnny Barrett for engaging his team including Don Lannom, who will overview the collective work from Tyler Horne, Clint Justice and other staff members to raise funds and grow corporate sponsorships. Mr. Lannom will focus to have more donors and volunteers to help protect children, help veterans (who need medical or mental health care) and make things ‘survival’ from active shooters, human trafficking or weather disasters.

“We’re proud to have Don Lannom join us and help manage our fundraising campaign,” noted CEO Len Pagano. “Thanks to Insight Political Group LLC and my long-time friend Johnny Barrett, we’ll work together every week to save lives and make the next generation ‘live longer.'”

Pagano also thanked Johnny Barrett for his admirable strategy. He noted that thanks to Mr. Barrett, Safe America now is launching a series of projects in 2023 that will seek to help over 1 million people.

“When we upload more social media on YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, we’ll be teaching youth how to live long,” Pagano noted. “We’ll also expand our transportation via the SEAT Division (AKA ‘Saving Every Americans Transportation’). And, make veterans get to health care with Knights of Columbus via VET Tran.”

To learn more and become a 2023 Board member or ‘WorldSafe Ambassador,‘ call Don at (314)-445-7182.