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America, We’re BUILDING to Serve YOU!

Safe America is celebrating its 29th year in 2023. And, now we’re advancing more education to avoid dangers for YOU!

Our new WORLDSAFE Institute is also inviting domestic and international non-profits to be part of our ‘WorldSafe Alliance,’ helping strategize and deal with future crises better and FAST. And, we’re sharing more media reports – on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and our websites – and help produce video reports from our ‘Safety News Network’ (SNN) organization.

Need advice or help? Call us at (770)-973-SAFE or reach Don Lannom at (314)-445-7182.




Safe America’s Programs Are Dedicated to Keeping YOU Alive!

  • SafeTeen America – since 2001, we’ve trained over 10,000 teens in how to drive
  • Cycurity – our program aimed at reducing Internet risks including financial hacking
  • HUMANS CARE – we DO CARE about every person – especially young girls and boys. Our goal: to fight sexual trafficking… rescuing youth with churches and other non-profits
  • VET TRAN – providing transportation to veterans… and address PTSD
  • Brain Camp – a 6-hour class… helping youth become LEADERS in safety
  • WORLDSAFE – launched with Delta Air Lines and Holiday Inn, WORLDSAFE is a re-emerging platform… helping address issues impact people globally
  • BE Safe America – our national program, based on our experience with UPS in anticipating disasters and encouraging readiness
  • Smartphone App – growing ‘app-titude’ to protect you anywhere you are… while sharing news via Safety News Network (SNN)



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