Safe America is planning a series of meetings in 2023 to address solutions to save lives. 

The Atlanta’s Federal Reserve Bank is considering a winter meeting on Feb. 28. Its purpose: to learn our ‘Top 10 Tasks’ for 2023. Together with Crawford & Company plus FEMA, non-profits and other major firms, Safe America leaders study how to hi-light new products that produce food inside homes plus filter dirty water for drinking. Then there’s how to start ‘Leap Forward’ in 2024 within a global drill day (in February).  Over the past 15 years, Safe America had 4 million people in disaster drills to practice survival. “COVID-19 keeps people worried,” noted CEO Len Pagano. “But we’re going to work with other non-profits to make sure we can protect people the best,” he added. “We’re going to do more ‘think tank’ meetings in the coming months – to make sure we are Prepared – NOT Scared.” 

Thanks to IAEM CEO Beth Armstrong (in photo) and National Association of Counties (NACO) CEO Matt Chase, Safe America assessed last year the ‘best’ technology to distribute for future disaster recovery. Now we’re working to finalize a new Safe America app and approve it with Apple and Android smartphones. 

We’re also looking to build the WorldSafe Institute and invite non-profits to join a ‘WorldSafe Alliance.’ FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children) plus SBP, MAP International, the Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance (GIPA), Knights of Columbus, ChildSpring International and SFM Charities have discussed how to be ‘Strategic Think Tank members.

Knights of Columbus Senior Vice President Mark McMullen – a member of Safe America’s Executive Committee – expressed his support. And, so has NBC executive Jody Oshita-Bajor in Chicago.

In December, Safe America will invite firms to a meal to thank firms for ‘doing good’ in 2022. And, to emphasize more media in 2023 and re-launch ‘Safe America Month’ in September. WMAQ-TV Executive Jody Bajor is discussing how to build a ‘model program’ to involve millions. And, Safe America will consider an event in Hollywood at the Warner Brothers Studio (to unveil our new WorldSafe Alliance partnerships). “Nothing’s easy; but we’ll work to make safety better – via social media and education,” Pagano said. “With high-level executives, we’ll use the ‘WorldSafe Alliance’ to reach millions on social media.” To volunteer, call (770)-509-7958.



Check YouTube’s ‘Safety News Network’ (SNN)

& watch videos to protect lives.

Call (770)-509-7958 to be

a ‘Think Tank’ Team Member.







Other key goals include helping returning veterans transition safely to civilian life, teaching safe driving techniques and hosting school assemblies on:

  • Driver Education
  • Reducing Cyber Crimes
  • Combating Human Trafficking
  • Brain Camp Safety Program
  • The WorldSafe Gala
  • BE Safe America Tour

Conference Speakers

Conference Registration & Membership Plans

Learn more on LiveSafe.live

for the December ‘Forum’ in Atlanta

at the Federal Reserve Bank.

To RSVP, call (770)-973-SAFE.

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