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Thank’s SouthWest Airlines

Thank’s SouthWest Airlines

Human Trafficking Mobile Street Outreach & Rescue Mobile Unit Program!

As I sat here this morning opening the mail, I came across your generous donation. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support for our lifesaving work with those most vulnerable to HUMAN TRAFFICKING …the children.

Here at Safe America Foundation, one of our goals is to make sure that we do everything we can to ensure a sustainable effective Human Trafficking Mobile Street Outreach & Rescue Mobile Unit Program is established in every state of the union.

Your generous in-kind donation of airline tickets have gone a long way in helping us end Human Trafficking in Atlanta and beyond. In fact, with your gift, we will be able to expand the scalability of this program in 2018.

Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of those most vulnerable we serve.   Thanks to you, women, young men, teens, and very young children will be rescued from their abusers.  How neat is that!

So, thank you once again for your donation. It means the world to!

With gratitude,

Safe America Foundation