Athens, GA Mayor Kelly Girtz (in photo above with CEO Len Pagano and Deputy Police Chief Daniel Harrison) – who helped develop a new ‘model’ in a city on safety – will be among 10 awardees to receive a SAM (Saving All Mankind) awards this September during a pre-fall ‘Safety Summit’ in Atlanta. Other nominees include 360 Health CEO Richard Weber, AltEvac CEO Brad Spacy, Iris-Sensing CEO Nguvi Kahiha, UPS Foundation President Nicole Clifton, Knights of Columbus Senior Vice President Mark McMullen and Georgia State Deputy Jim Clifford plus Health Union Senior Vice President Adam Kesselman – will be hi-lighted for innovative actions to protect people via new technology and activities post-COVID.

Along with SAM (Saving All Mankind) Awards will be discussions on how to improve safety in 2023 with new micro-green meals that can – in only 3 days – produce 2.5 million meals.

Over 100 regional and national non-profit leader will be invited to participate in a 2023 ‘WorldSafe Alliance’ that will focus on major safety priorities and help save lives.  Among non-profits being invited are Puerto Rico’s ‘Fraternal Society of Mercy’ (SFM Charities), NOYS (National Organization of Youth Safety), SORT (Special Operation of Radio Team, FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children) and HISPI. Additional non-profits will also being invited including the Yorghas Foundation from Warsaw, Poland. Together with Yorghas, Safe America will continue to assess how to help 80,000 women who are pregnant in Ukraine and provide baby clothing and other supplements.

Together with non-profits will be major firms addressing top issues affecting lives. Hi-lighted firms include UPS, Primerica, Carter’s (baby clothing firm), Crawford & Company, Allstate, State Farm, New York Life, Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, ITSimple, Dixie Pre-cast, Reeves Shaw Media and Skydragon Digital. Together with ‘WorldSafe Alliance’ members, for-profit executives will discuss new ways to help protect people and determine how future disasters can be resolved through cooperation.

Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz – the new Board member – is inviting other community leaders. Safe America CEO Len Pagano has already visited with Clayton County Police Department officials – to explore raising the ‘HUMANS Care‘ project around the Atlanta Airport (to resolve human trafficking). More being planned in Athens and College Park – as ‘model’s of community safety. And, a plan to grow a ‘donor advised fund’ for other non-profits… with the acronym ‘DAF’ hi-lighting ‘Daffy Duck‘ as a mascot. To attend, contact Len Pagano at (770)-509-7958.

More ‘Good Stories’ will be hi-lighted, including how to deal with cyber security with HISPI Executive Taiye Laimbo (left photo) plus introducing an ‘impressive’ new safety device called ‘Slide to Safety‘ (second photo to left side) to make youth able to ‘escape’ from crises in less than 6 seconds from a high school (FYI, Safe America and Athens are exploring a ‘drill event’ in a high school such as Clarke Central in Athens). Others will also explore new safety apps with ITSimple CEO Ron Freeman and Stacy Lavelle. And, Rep. Ed Setzler (R-GA) will also be honored with Suzanne Guy (center) for engaging the ‘heartbeat life’ in Georgia. Together with COO Mary Lou Pagano, Rep. Setzler and Ms. Guy will also encourage adoption as a good alternative of abortion.