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Grow ‘SNN’ Network

Invest in MyDawgs.TV plus our ‘Safety News Network’ (SNN) that helps grow important training and education on YouTube plus Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram. Also donate for digital billboards that can help ‘tell stories’ across the country, also.

Miss Georgia Supports Safe America

A salute to Miss Georgia – Chance Cessna – who visited our CEO, Len Pagano, while attending the ‘Operation Hope Globe Forum’ in Atlanta. Miss Cessna has volunteered to be a new reporter and TV ‘anchorwoman’ on our ‘Safety News Network’ (SNN) on YouTube. Miss Cessna – who will also compete for ‘Miss America’ in […]

Ukraine May ‘End War’ & Recover in 2023

This year, CNN visited Ukraine and noted ‘tough attacks.’ Now, American media sense ‘resolutions’ are coming better. Sam Cook, the founder of a non-profit in Ukraine, reported today that Russia’s war will end in coming months… and Ukraine will restore its country for all citizens. Mr. Cook – who was a U.S. military officer from […]

Iris-Sensing’s North America CEO Honored

Nguvi Kahiha, the CEO of Iris-Sensing in the United States, Mexico and Canada, has been honored a 2022 award this week for what he’s done to help Safe America and the WorldSafe Institute. CEO Len Pagano gave Mr. Kahiha a ‘Saving All Mankind‘ (SAM) Award… noting that Mr. Kahiha has helped Safe America expand its […]