Because of COVID-19, America’s economy – and non-profits – were both impacted. But thanks to a complete payoff of multiple-year credit debt,  Safe America is now seeing more positive financial results in 2021 already.

Attached is a summary of our 990 report which was submitted recently. It shows a higher economic loss than in 2019. However, the payoff of $55,000 credit debt lowered the year-end summary. Now, 2021 is more positive. And, thanks to Board of Directors and 12-person staff, our financial balance this year will be in-the-black.

Safe America Board CEO Network members – and a new ‘Popular’ Task Force – will jointly work this fall to seek more donations via a newly-established “Donor Advised Fund” (DAF).  For more information, contact Len Pagano at (770)-509-7958.