Helping make the world SAFE is the objective of WORLDSAFE.

Formed in 1999 with Delta Air Lines and IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group), the program has addressed global concerns – from medical issues like the 2007-08 ‘Bird Flu’ to current issues involving international travel concerns, major meteorological crises like hurricanes or earthquakes, plus abuse of young girls via sexual human trafficking.

Our goal is to build an ‘Alliance’ of non-profits that can:

  • Grow awareness
  • Involve the ‘next generation’ as proactive leaders, and
  • Help build our North American programs in other continents like Europe, Asia and Latin America

Dr. Joxel Garcia, the Assistant Secretary of Health for President George W. Bush, is helping chair this program. To gain his advice or input, contact him at GYNLAPSX@aol.com or call him at (860)-707-9771. You can also call Co-Chair Remy Szykier at (510)-326-2898.


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Dr. Joxel Garcia

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