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Grand Prize WorldSafe Award Winners for 2017-18 Announced

Grand Prize WorldSafe Award Winners for 2017-18 Announced

Dynamic ‘Trio’ Win WorldSafe Grand Prize for Collaborating to Aid Puerto Rico

General Russel Honore’, Natalie Jones Lacey and Clifford Oxford Named for Their Efforts to Help Puerto Rican Citizens Access Funds after Hurricane Maria

Atlanta, GA – The Safe America Foundation has chosen former Lt. General Russel Honore’, international consultant Natalie Jones Lacey and businessman Clifford Oxford for their collaboration to help Puerto Rican citizens access their financial accounts via wireless fund transactions via Twitter and the ‘Square’ online device.

The three friends worked over the past month to engage AT&T, Verizon and other wireless carriers to help Puerto Ricans access their money. The idea – started by General Honore’ – came as they realized that many banks in Puerto Rico will continue to be limited in operating until electric service is restored on the island.

“Bringing life back-to-normal requires cash flow – and with banks not able to function normally, thousands of Puerto Ricans are limited in being able to purchase basic life-sustaining commodities like food,” noted Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “When you think of honoring people for protecting life, you realize it’s great to be on top of an issue impacting millions of people. This trio of friends put their heads together – contacting wireless carriers and Twitter – and did something truly unique. We applaud their effort and want others to see what they did as a role model for future disaster response.”

Pagano noted that General Honore’ and Mrs. Lacey will speak this Friday at the WorldSafe Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. The three-day event will focus on emerging health and safety issues, focusing on activating business and non-profit groups to advance new solutions that can save lives.

The Foundation will also honor a group of businesses and individuals in 15 categories. Other winners include: the CDC for its work to eradicate the Opioid Crisis; AT&T for its effort at reducing distracted driving in cars (by encouraging a reduction in cell phone use); Coca-Cola for its creation of biodegradable the Dasani PlantBottle; and the Netherlands Aerospace Centre for its research to create a circular runway concept; the Disaster News Network for its work in sharing vital information during and after disasters; Columbia University for its research on the care of children during disasters; and CSX for its commitment to rail safety.

For more information about the WorldSafe Gala and our inaugural ‘Training for Global Safety’ conference sponsored by Minnesota-based Miller Ingenuity and The SafeAmerica Foundation click on the link or follow the event on Twitter at  @TFGS_Conference

The conference will be focused on 5 areas that impact safety in everyday life including transportation (rail, air, and auto/trucking), community safety (including protecting athletes and aiding war-zone veterans), disaster resiliency; technology/cyber security and global issues such as fighting human trafficking and global warming.

Training for Global Safety,will attract individuals from industry, government and non-profit organizations. UPS is one of the major sponsors of the ‘WorldSafe Summit’ which will be another step forward in advancing Miller’s shift in company focus toward providing innovative, technologically advanced safety solutions for the rail industry.