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NOYS Discusses with Safe America Potential Collaboration

NOYS Discusses with Safe America Potential Collaboration

The National Organization of Youth Safety (NOYS) visited with CEO Len Pagano in Washington, DC this week, exploring ideas to do joint work in year 2020.

Staffers June Hughes and Tamika Brown (in photo l-r with Len Pagano) learned ways that Safe America is looking to expand teen driver education and consider more ‘Brain Camps’ around the country. Both projects fit within NOYS’ own agenda – which focuses on teaching teens how to be safe in driving as well as all other aspects of life.

“I was delighted to meet NOYS staff and talk with their CEO, April Rai, about what we might do together,” Pagano observed. You know, we all have heard of ‘2+2 = 6. Well, our synergy seems to suggest that if NOYS and Safe America were to work together, 2+2 will equal 100% more good!”

Pagano praised April Rai for her excellent leadership and thanked her for suggesting some collaboration. “We’ll evaluate next steps shortly… with our objective of doing more good to save and protect lives,” he noted. He added that with NOYS’ partners – General Motors and NHTSA – there could be much good. “And, there are over 100 youth organizations who are members of NOYS – so I can see us getting more key safety stories ‘out there’ with groups like SADD, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, FBLA and many, many others.”

Pagano praised Safe America’s own partners – both UPS and Allstate – for their commitment to help future drivers. “We’ll work hard to make more ‘good noise’ get out there together,” Len pun-fully concluded. He noted that a new non-profit partnership – named THE ALLIANCE – will be introduced on December 9 at the “Fall Forum” at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. NOYS will be among over a dozen non-profits – including Good360, UPS Foundation, the American Red Cross, 100 Black Men, DAV, Puerto Rico Education Foundation (PREF), the WellStar Foundation, youthSpark, Heal the Heroes, Cloud 9, Safety4Schools, DRII, WorldCares, the Ford Fund and the American Legion who will be invited to be part of THE ALLIANCE, receiving social media support through Safe America’s new ‘SNN’ (Safety News Network) media channel. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the University of Georgia / Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications have offered their assistance in growing the SNN channel’s visibility – online and through their own members. (note: The Safe America Foundation is joining the NAB as a new affiliate member for year 2020).