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Summary of Successful WorldSafe Summit

Summary of Successful WorldSafe Summit

Lt. General Russel Honore’ (retired, U.S. Army) – the featured speaker – challenged attendees to improve disaster readiness and stressed ‘Don’t Be Stupid!’

Over 200 people from across North America, Mexico and Australia attended this past week’s ‘WorldSafe Summit.’ Themed ‘Training for Global Safety,” the conference focused on 5 key areas: cyber security, transportation, community safety, human trafficking and opioid crisis.

The following pages depict some of the significant addresses that were shared. Thanks to Miller Ingenuity, UPS, Crawford & Company and WellStar Atlanta Medical Center for their support, Safe America is already planning a follow-up meeting at the Federal Reserve Bank for April 26-27.

Safe America Board member Allison Carter, Executive Director of the Cobb Safety Village, speaks at the Summit. Mrs. Carter will host the 2018 ‘Brain Camp’ on Saturday, March 3, in West Cobb.


Dr. Doug Himberger, a 15-year Safe America Board member, was among many who found the Conference ‘profound.’


Stephen George, a Cobb member of the Georgia Behavioral Health and Disabilities Board, was enthused to attend all 3 days. Stephen has volunteered to help Safe America develop an opioid epidemic program.

Safe America Board Vice Chairman Jeff Turner and Clayton Fire Rescue Chief Landry Merkison spoke about the Southside’s human trafficking crisis and what they are doing to fight it. Mr. Turner, who serves as Chairman of the Clayton County Commission, also stressed privately with Len Pagano his interest in partnering with Safe America on a prototype trafficking ‘rescue unit’ and having donations be received by Safe America.

Dr. Anita Ward, Chief Transformation Officer for Operation HOPE, shared her non-profit’s work on ‘disaster recovery score’ (DRS) with FEMA while Tim Echols, Vice Chairman of the Georgia Public Service Commission, talked about the ‘unholy tour’ that he created to show leaders local human trafficking ‘up close.’ Mr. Echols was named Chairman of Safe America’s ‘HUMANS CARE’ Task Force.

CEO Steve Blue of Miller Ingenuity – the inaugural sponsor of the Conference – was named the Foundation’s 2017 ‘Volunteer of the Year.’ Mr. Blue, who is Chairman-elect of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, announced during the Conference his renewal as a sponsor for the 2018 Conference now being planned for the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta.


Joel Feldman, whose collegiate daughter, Casey, was killed from a distracted driver who collided into her at a cross-walk, spoke of the need to change drivers’ behavior so they don’t use cell phones at all while driving. Mr. Feldman was among the ‘Top 20’ recipients of a 2017-18 WorldSafe Award for his courageous effort to speak nationally on this issue to more than 10,000 people since his daughter’s death in 2009.


The largest crowd ever at a WorldSafe Gala reception gathers at WSB-TV on Thursday night, October 26. NBA basketball icon Dikembe Mutombo was among a stellar audience that also included Atlanta Fire Chief Joel Baker, the Director of the CDC’s Injury Prevention Unit, Dr. Deb Houry, plus award winners from Coca-Cola, AT&T, and CSX Railroad


Over 150 people attended the WorldSafe Gala at WSB-TV, having a chance to meet some of the WorldSafe Award winners as well as make high-level connections.

Presidential advisor Natalie Lacey, one of this year’s WorldSafe Award ‘Grand Prize’ winners, explained how together with Cliff Oxford and General Honore’, she was able to engage AT&T in launching portable ‘cell towers’ with high-altitude balloons.

She noted that the effort has helped restore cell phone service in Puerto Rico to over 70% of residents.

The benefit of service extended to the economy as 1,000 “SQUARE” online devices were shipped for free to Puerto Rico, being distributed locally so residents can make purchases with their cell phones.

The ‘brainstorming solution,’ stimulated by Oxford Center’s Cliff Oxford, earned a WorldSafe Award from Safe America for its ingenious solution to restoring normal business transactions and protecting people from life-threatening issues.

Atlanta Fire Chief Joel Baker – a new Safe America Board member – discussed how drones are being used by UPS to ship medical supplies in remote areas (such as in Africa) with UPS Foundation Director Joe Ruiz. Mr. Ruiz also pointed out how the Red Cross has discovered a benefit in using drones in post-disaster situations and used them in Houston post-Hurricane Harvey to evaluate neighborhoods that were hit by the hurricane (to see if flooding had decreased enough to allow residents to return to their homes).


Over the two days, a variety of conference attendees brainstormed over how to deal with key topics such as human trafficking, distracted driving, cyber security and disaster resilience. In this break-out group, Chair Kim Ryan moderated thoughts on dealing with the Opioid Crisis..


Safe America’s Chair, Kim Ryan, was interviewed by WSB-TV to share how the Opioid Crisis is impacting America. Mrs. Ryan told how Safe America has begun forming a task force to help educate the public on ways to save people who overdose from drugs.

Apex CEO Trish Johnson – a new Safe America Board member – introduced the audience to a new $15,000 computer simulator that she is loaning to Safe america for its driving school’s ‘test use.’ Ms. Johnson demonstrated it to Safe America instructor Rodney Brown while AT&T’s Karla Riker (below) reinforced the need to change driving behavior. AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ educational campaign on anti-text driving received a 2017-18 WorldSafe Award.

SunTrust’s Senior Vice President Terry Schade explored how keeping money ‘safe’ is a growing and complex issue.


Steve Stirling, CEO of MAP International, discussed the need for more advance stockpiling of emergency supplies including pharmaceuticals. Stirling expressed his support for Safe America’s concept of seeking funds to create a ‘WorldSafe Fund’ that can stockpile of key relief supplies and goods. Stirling also expressed enthusiasm for growing a collaborative ‘venture’ with Safe America.

Dr. Doug Himberger moderated the cyber exercise that was led from Sydney, Australia by Availias CEO Harold Wolpert. The exercise explored what communities would do if the financial system were shut down by an online hacker. Jessica Robinson, Chair of Safe America’s “Cycurity” task force, expressed her pleasure at the results. “We did something remarkable that many others will be pleased to learn about,” she noted. “I believe we have laid the foundation for a significant second event in 2018 – which could include even more communities – and organizations.”

Hello from Atlanta! Roughly 150 people participated in a cyber exercise that was hosted in 5 cities globally: London, Sydney, Australia, New York, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. This photo of the Atlanta ‘Cycurity Team’ was taken after the 90-minute exercise. All participants indicated interest in being involved again in 2018 during another global drill.


UPS Foundation’s Alice Turner opens the crate holding a drone that she assembled for the Conference to see up-close. Alice, who works throughout the year with Mary Lou and Len, celebrated her birthday later that day at the Conference (on October 26).







Steve Blue, Jeff Turner, Tim McVay and Len Pagano were all smiles at the WorldSafe Gala. Mr. Blue shared his pleasure of how the first-year Conference came together – and his intentions to help engage more in the rail industry in 2018.

NEW FACES – Misty Turnbull, news director for WSB-TV, and Jessica Robinson,
CEO of PurePoint International in New York City, were among more than 30
new ‘friends’ of the Foundation who attended the Conference.











Jennifer Swain from youthSpark impressed
the audience with research the organization has done on the ‘demand’ of adult males for young sex partners. Ms. Swain noted the original research being done by youthSpark indicates a way to reduce sex trafficking by focusing on demand. Safe America and youthSpark have already pledged to work together in 2018 on this issue nationally.

WSB-TV Vice President & General Manager Tim McVay introduced station morning anchor Fred Blakenship, noting the station’s audience is the largest of any local station in the country (exceding those in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles). . Mr. McVay’s commitment to Safe America brought stories on opioid crisis and Safe America’s overall mission
to more than 1 million viewers throughout the three-day event.


Safe America Vice President Joe Caprara, who played a major role in the Conference, celebrates its success with Foundation Events Managers Virginia Spinks and Colleen Baker, a veteran who has worked with our ‘Home Front’ center. Also joining the trio is the head of the African Foundation who wants to partner with Safe America in expanding our WorldSafe program in Africa.

Rotary Club International’s Dave McCleary helped assemble a panel that spoke on human trafficking.


Dorsey Jones was an emotional high-point on Day 1, telling the audience of her being a human trafficking victim at 11 years of age. She shared how men crumpled up a $20 bill and abused her, noting she accepted it to pay for food for her brothers and herself. She described the personal dilemma many young women face that keep them ‘bound’ to pimps and challenged the audience to commit to ending human trafficking by taking a personal role to fight this abuse of men and women.




Maurice Middleberg, CEO of ‘Free the Slaves,’ shared his non—profit’s global work to end victimization of people in Third World Countries.




Dr. Tincie Lynch of the VA Hospital in Atlanta thanks the Foundation for its collaboration to offer over 600 ‘WE Care’ veterans toiletry kits this year. After Friday’s session, a delegation of Board members visited the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank which thanks to new Board member Phasteus Brooks has offered to host our 2018 Conference.

Board member Carlos Glatt gets to check out the automatic weaponry used to protect the Federal Reserve Bank from terrorists. Later, the Board members got to sit in the Federal Reserve Bank’s Board room. All left with samples of shredded money that the Federal Reserve offers as a souvenir!

Venue for the 2018 WorldSafe Gala – Federal Reserve Bank’s Dining Room