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Shaking Hands: Is It Coming ‘Back’ Now?

Shaking hands: is it wise with COVID-19 still spreading?

According to the BBC, every person shakes 15,000 handshakes in their life – as a sign of ‘friendship.’ Now, the question is, ‘will we feel safe shaking hands this summer?’

Many experts note that our hands may carry and transfer germs. But it’s not the most severe element transferring COVID-19. So some people – in southern states like Georgia – are back to ‘shaking hands’ again.

“We do need to keep social distancing intact,” said Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “And while many of us will be interacting more – in person – in June, we still need to keep ourselves reserved – even NOT shaking hands,” he added.

Safe America also encourages families and businesspeople and families to:

  • stay more ‘distant’ from people when you are out in a state park or beach (than you did last summer)
  • keep masks on your faces EVERY DAY when you are out in retail stores and
  • wash your hands 20 seconds long – and keep washing them before and after you’ve gone into a meeting or have touched some objects that are outside your home environment

More information will be shared… with the goal of minimizing new Coronavirus cases. Note that Arkansas, North Dakota and South Carolina NOW have more cases – so even the ‘re-opening’ of America doesn’t mean everything is normal.

“We’re STILL in a dangerous stage – and we need to be cautious,” noted Pagano. “Remember our risk motto: ‘BE Prepared, NOT Scared.’ And this summer, that means keep on top of news from the #CDC and #SafeAmerica as we alert to new ways to protect yourself.” Pagano added that if you go on vacation, don’t forget social distancing – even if you see a crowded beach (like the ones in Florida). But do remember to stay CLOSE to your children – and keeping them together is smart!