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We’ve Got a SUPER Idea for Protecting America!

Written by Len Pagano, CEO of Safe America Foundation

Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium will host the upcoming ‘SUPER BOWL’ in February 2019. Our goal: inform 2 million travelers coming to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Airport over the next 4 months how to end problems such as human trafficking.  

Millions of people travel to Atlanta every month. And with the Super Bowl coming, the Safe America Foundation is working to use its new ‘Safety Zone’ kiosk near the Delta baggage claim area to help travelers learn what to look for – and then what to do if they see something. We’ll also help travelers learn solutions for opioid addiction, cyber security and distracted driving.



Starting this November, we’ll staff this booth and provide free advice on how to solve safety problems – and protect lives EVERYWHERE. Your firm or non-profit can help us do ‘serious good’ at ATL and:

–        Have your logo included on brochures

–        Be visible on our video screen!

–       Have content also seen nationally on our web site!

‘Safety Zone’ Opens November 1                    

Safe America: the Voice Redefining Safety –  Invite friends & employees to donate funds at safeamerica.org & protect what’s priceless: life.

Be a SAFETY ZONE – Sponsor and be seen by over 8 million travelers pre-Super Bowl.

For details, call John Varner at (404)-289-2189.

See our ad in the MDJ by clicking here: SafeSouth Full-page Ad (Oct. 18-18)

AIRPORT Kiosk / Traveler Talking Points

STRATEGY: talk to travelers… and ask questions… inviting people to tell us their worries…and then invite them to HELP Safe America

Airport ‘Talkers’ / Start Conversations

  1. Human trafficking – Do you ever see anyone who looks ‘scared’ while you’re flying?
  2. Opioid Crisis – Do you have a family member who needs help?
  3. Distracted Driving – Hi there, are you a parent who has any teenagers?
  4. Active Shooters – Do you know how you could survive an active shooter?
  5. Online Safety – Have you ever been hacked?
  6. Bullying / Youth – Do you have any kids who’ve ever been bullied?
  7. Helping Veterans Are you a veteran? Or, do you have any family members who’ve served?
  8. Disasters – Do you have any emergency kits – in your home or office?